About me

I am a technology professional and problem solver with over twenty years of hands-on and management 
experience in the realm of network, infrastructure, and end-user support, in volunteer, corporate, and consulting capacities.

I value technology and connectivity as an enabler for people's everyday lives, and pride myself on 
leveraging my diverse skill set into unique solutions for complex problems, especially in time-sensitive, 
client-facing situations.  I highly value team-players willing to "get things done", and believe that through 
good planning and preparation, anyone can be ready "When Lightning Strikes."

My most recent successes have been as a consultant and tech support resource for a marketing and 
trade-show support company, providing both back-office and onsite show support, which has afforded me a good deal of travel and exposed me to a number of interesting clients in the health care, manufacturing, and heavy machinery sectors.  Over the last few years I have developed my "mobile professional" skills operating in a nearly 100% virtual office environment, interacting with developers and home-office personnel in creation and deployment of interactive trade show display systems.

Before this engagement I served as a key player on a large team charged with implementing credit card security
compliance for a Fortune-600 hospitality chain.  My role was to coordinate the outside vendor efforts around 5 of the 12 PCI-DSS points for the entirety of the world-wide hotel inventory.

I have hands-on, current expertise with Microsoft and Apple products and an advanced user level of knowledge
on the Linux platform.  I champion the Google Apps Suite of products for small and medium businesses and
am a high-level advocate of Android devices for mobile professionals and consumers.

I am also a part-time Motorcycle Safety Instructor for the State Of Illinois, affiliated with the Northern Illinois
University program, and a very active volunteer officer for the Civil Air Patrol.