Deforestation Tracking and Inference System

Imagine Cup 2010 Finalist Project

Team Green Bros.

Green Bros is a dream & commitment of three intellects to make the world a better place!
“ Save a Plant Save the Planet ” from GreenBors.

Project / Team brief

Deforestation is one of the major contributors to global warming and climate change. Global warming is caused by an elevation in the green house gases that halo our planet. Atmospheric gases and ozone are responsible for impeding the loss of heat away from the Earth. The effect of global warming is further exacerbated by deforestation because the removal of densely forested areas decreases the number of the CO2 consuming vegetation. Indirectly, deforestation disrupts the delicate balance between the carbon dioxide produced and consumed. An increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide, along with other green house gases, leads to an increase in the global temperature.
Our deforestation tracking and inference system provides a solution to the above problem which is the seventh Millennium Development Goal of UN; our system delivers essential information to people in forest conservation of each country through satellite image comparisons.
The software is a fully compact tool kit to forest conservation departments of each country; it facilitates its uses to track deforestation through satellite image processing and also the software is equipped with tools to analyze data and provide critical information needed to combat deforestation. Our software is also capable of delivering future deforestation probabilities based on previous deforestation patterns.
Our product has a mobile application to be more usable in real outdoor forest tracking scenarios where it will be a tool to exchange information with the system and the forest ranger who is on site, it can be used to post live updates from the site through GPS pinpointing the exact location of the person.
We hope our software would be a great help to the concern authorities to combat deforestation in Sri Lanka and by reducing deforestation Sri Lanka can benefit from funds allocated through UNEP ‘s REDD Programme.

Team Info:
Group Leader: Luke Nitish Kumar
E-mail : nitanluke@yahoo.com

Two members:
Sahan Lakjaya Maldeniya ;
Charith Tharindu Kariyawasam Pathirana ;

Our mentor:
Dr. Anuja Dharmaratne, Ph.D.(Hiroshima)
University of Colombo School of Computing,
No. 35, Reid Avenue, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka.

Web site : http://www.ucsc.cmb.ac.lk/People/atd/index.htm

Sahan Lakjaya Maldeniya,Charith Tharindu Kariyawasam Pathirana,Luke Nitish Kumar